balanced by a quantitative approach to manage risk

Quantamental algorithms integrated into ourdigital platform SPARK for portfolio optimisation

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Convictions and insights collected or developed by our team on sectors, companies and market dynamics

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The combination of these tools and proprietary data with the human expertise of our teams makes it possible to build more robust and resistant portfolios in any market phases and to provide optimal management of the risk/return profile

Flint (Silex in french) is a multifaceted stone, robust and sustainable, highly effective in human hands throughout the ages.

The focus of our investment process is to provide solid performance in different market scenarios.

SILEX IM benefits from all the expertises developed within the SILEX Group


SILEX IM is a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

This commitment underlines the importance we attach to long-term growth, to the sharing of value creation within a framework defined by the highest standards of governance and transparency.

As such, SILEX IM makes the following six commitments:

  • 1. To integrate ESG issues into its decision-making and investment analysis processes
  • 2. To be an active shareholder and to integrate ESG issues into its shareholding policies and procedures
  • 3. To the extent possible, request transparency on ESG issues from the entities in which it invests
  • 4. Encourage the adoption and implementation of the Principles in the investment industry
  • 5. Cooperate to improve the effectiveness of its implementation of the Principles
  • 6. Report on its activities and progress in implementing the Principles

More information on the Principles for Responsible Investment is available at www.unpri.org

SILEX IM is convinced that these criteria contribute to the creation of sustainable value for investors.